A Twitterstorm is simply a short period of time during which advocates join together to send a high volume of tweets on a specific topic. We will prepare tweets for you (found below) and you can copy and paste them throughout the hour, or schedule your tweets in advance. You can also create your own tweets and use the hashtags below to keep us together. Please retweet and favorite tweets as they are sent out!



We want to bring attention and boost conversation around our Homes for All Spring Rally: Unite For Homes.

Rally details found here.

We want people to attend the rally after taking part in the Twitterstorm!  We will do this by:

  1. Using specific hashtags: #Homes4AllMN; #mnleg; #H4ARally
  2. Directing our followers to click on a specific link in every tweet: bit.ly/2VhNxMU



What: Twitterstorm for 2019 Homes for All Spring Rally: Unite for Homes

When: Thursday, May 2

Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Where: Twitter

Hashtags: #Homes4AllMN; #mnleg; #H4ARally

Link to Tweet for rally registration: bit.ly/2VhNxMU

Who: YOU! Please join us and invite your followers/friends to join as well. Find a list of confirmed co-hosts below.


Sample Tweets:

  • @paulgazelka @melissahortman @GovTimWalz: Don’t let #mnleg session end without action on affordable housing! We can’t wait to invest in #Homes4AllMN! #H4ARally bit.ly/2VhNxMU
  • @GovTimWalz proposes a historic $150M investment in housing bonds. @paulgazelka @melissahortman, Minnesota will be stronger if we invest now. #Homes4AllMN #mnleg #H4ARally bit.ly/2VhNxMU
  • Consensus is growing. We need #Homes4AllMN now. Our families and our future depend on it. We’re counting on your leadership, @paulgazelka @melissahortman @GovTimWalz. #mnleg #H4ARally bit.ly/2VhNxMU
  • No matter your political party, we all need a place to sleep at night. #Homes4AllMN is a bipartisan issue. We need investments now, @paulgazelka @melissahortman @GovTimWalz. #mnleg #H4ARally bit.ly/2VhNxMU
  • The #H4ARally on May 6 is our last chance to tell #mnleg we need action on housing now! We need YOU to unite with us for #Homes4AllMN. bit.ly/2VhNxMU
  • Children learn, workers earn, seniors thrive, and communities prosper when everyone has a place to call home. Join the #H4ARally on May 6. #Homes4AllMN #mnleg bit.ly/2VhNxMU
  • Thank you @carlanelsonmn @senmarkjohnson @tonyjurgensmn @senatordraheim @nickafrentz @karidziedzic @reppeterfischer Rep Hausman and Rep Gunther for your support and leadership. #Homes4AllMN #mnleg #H4ARally bit.ly/2VhNxMU
  • “The reality is, whether we are striving to eliminate the opportunity gap in our schools,  improve health outcomes, or grow our economy, all roads lead back to Home.” - @mikehowardmn Join the #H4ARally May 6! #mnleg #Homes4AllMN bit.ly/2VhNxMU
  • “Minnesota’s potential, our future… it will not be realized unless we meet the housing challenges of our state.” - @mikehowardmn Join the #H4ARally May 6! #mnleg #Homes4AllMN bit.ly/2VhNxMU
  • More than a quarter of Minnesota households pay more than they can afford for housing, and that number is growing. Join our #H4ARally to show your support for MORE affordable and quality homes. #Homes4AllMN #mnleg bit.ly/2VhNxMU
  • Racial disparities persist in MN. 40% of households of color are cost burdened compared to 23% of white households. We need fair access to affordable #Homes4AllMN — regardless of race or ethnicity. #mnleg #H4ARally bit.ly/2VhNxMU
  • The total number of people not in a formal shelter increased 62% and the rate of children living outside or not in a formal shelter went up 56%. Join the #H4ARally and support quality and safe home options for all. #mnleg bit.ly/2VhNxMU
  • The affordable #HousingTaxCredit is a proven, bipartisan solution we can implement now. Join our #H4ARally to show your support for MORE affordable and quality homes. #Homes4AllMN #mnleg bit.ly/2VhNxMU
  • Homes for All is pushing for $15M investment per biennium to the Emergency Services Program (ESP). Emergency Shelters are the starting point to gaining long-term stability. Join the #H4ARally May 6. #Homes4AllMN #mnleg bit.ly/2VhNxMU
  • On a single night during the 2017-18 school year there were nearly 8700 E-12 students experiencing homelessness. These students were found in 1,239 schools in 312 districts in 76 of 87 counties.  Join the #H4ARally May 6. #mnleg #Homes4AllMN bit.ly/2VhNxMU
  • Homework Starts with Home aims to use stable housing to improve student attendance and academic achievement. Support programs like HSWH at the #H4ARally on May 6! #Homes4AllMN #mnleg bit.ly/2VhNxMU


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A co-host leads on posting previously created content and retweeting/favoriting tweets of others participating. Below are the confirmed co-hosts as of 4/25/19. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be added to the list!

  • Homes for All
  • Minnesota Housing Partnership
  • Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless
  • House of Charity
  • Prosperity’s Front Door
  • Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers 
  • TC Habitat for Humanity
  • Avivo
  • Catholic Charities 
  • Avenues for Homeless Youth 
  • St. Stephen’s Human Services 
  • Ain Dah Yung Center 
  • Joint Religious Legislative Coalition
  • Lutheran Social Service
  • Wilder 
  • Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans
  • Mahube-OTWA Community Action Partnership 
  • Hearth Connection


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