Homes for All has established two new task forces to work on specific issues within the greater scope of our mission to ensure that every Minnesotan has a safe, stable, affordable place to call home. Coalition members are encouraged to participate in these task forces, which will provide periodic updates to the full coalition. 

Shelter Residents Bill of Rights Task Force

The Homes for All coalition establishes the creation of a task force to develop a proposal on a shelter resident’s bill of rights. This task force will incorporate input from key stakeholders, including people with lived experiences, throughout the state of Minnesota. The Task Force bill was passed at the MN State Legislature after being led by Street Voices of Change. 

To find out how to get involved with this task force, please email Sam Smith at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Who We Are

Homes for All is a statewide coalition that advances shared policy initiatives that lead to housing stability for all Minnesotans. Homes for All supports statewide investment across Minnesota's Housing Continuum.