Join Homes for All as we host a Twitterstorm to urge lawmakers to prioritze housing and homelessness issues through the end of session (5/17)


A Twitterstorm is simply a short period of time during which advocates join together to send a high volume of tweets on a specific topic. We will prepare sample tweets for you (found below) and you can copy and paste them throughout the hour, or schedule your tweets in advance. You can also create your own tweets, just remember to use the hashtags below so that all of our tweets can be grouped together. Please note: pls retweet and “favorite” tweets as they are sent out because it builds momentum and helps Homes for All trend on Twitter.


What: Twitterstorm to urge lawmakers to prioritize housing and homelessness issues through the end of sessions

When: Thursday, May 13, 2021

Time: 12pm - 1pm

Where: Twitter - @Home4AllMN

Hashtags/Tags:  #Homes4AllMN #Bonds4Housing #mnleg
@PaulGazelka @MelissaHortman


Goal: The goal of this Twitterstorm is to build momentum around the end of the 2021 Legislative Session and the Homes for All legislative agenda.

  • Favoriting, retweeting, and posting the prepared tweets for the full hour

  • Using a variation of these leaders in our tweets:

    •  @PaulGazelka @MelissaHortman 

  • Using specific hashtags: #Homes4AllMN; #mnleg; #Bonds4Housing

Current Co-hosts:

  • @followmhp

  • @MCCD_MN

  • @HabitatMN

  • @mnhomelessco 

  • @HOME_Line

  • @OYHmn

  • @AvenuesforYouth

  • @AllianceHsg

  • @AvivoMN

  • @AeonMN

  • @CCtwincities

  • @Wilderfdtn

  • @BelieveinHome

  • @tchabitat


SAMPLE TWEETS for 05/13/2021:

  • Tenant protection

    • The simple filing of an eviction action by a landlord appears immediately on a tenant’s record, before the court has rendered a judgement or even heard the case. Tenants deserve their day in court prior to something forever tarnishing their rental history. #mnleg #Homes4AllMN

    • If an eviction was ordered more than 3 years ago, it should permanently be removed from a renters’ record. Evictions currently haunt tenants for years. At some point we need to stop punishing renters for issues that took place long ago. #mnleg #Homes4AllMN

    • In the occasional situation when a tenant is successful in getting an eviction expunged from their record, it usually takes 2 to 4 months -- the critical time a tenant is seeking new housing. #mnleg #Homes4AllMN

  • Shelter/Homelessness

    • 80 of Minnesota’s 87 counties do not have enough shelter. It’s time for the state to invest in the Emergency Services Program so all Minnesotans have access to safe, dignified shelter. #mnleg

    • Homelessness was a crisis before COVID and we’re yet to see the full impact of the pandemic. The state needs to invest in the Emergency Services Program to help Minnesotans find stability. #mnleg

    • Housing Support helps keep people in their homes and avoid homelessness. An increase across the state would help Minnesotans stay stable. #mnleg

  • Homeownership

    • The Challenge Program is one of the most versatile funding sources for housing in Greater MN + the Metro. An increase in funding for this oversubscribed program can CREATE and REHABILITATE affordable ownership and rental units and ensure #Homes4AllMN! #mnleg

    • As we continue to fight for justice for all Minnesotans in this difficult time, we will advocate so that ALL Minnesota families can access affordable housing. One way to make an impact? Contact your state rep and senator and make your voice heard. #MNLeg #VirtualAdvocacy

    • @PaulGazelka @MelissaHortman where we live impacts every part of our lives! Please support funding for the #ChallengeProgram, a proven, vital resource for future homeowners! #Homes4AllMN 

    • Over 100 people attended #VirtualHillDay – a testament to the power of coming together to advocate for meaningful change. Please support advocates’ efforts by making homeownership a possibility for ALL Minnesota families @PaulGazelka @MelissaHortman #InvestinHome #MNLeg

    • “Housing is healthcare, housing is education, housing is stability. “- Dr. Bambie Hayes-Brown, CEO of Georgia Advancing Communities Together. Please support much-needed homeownership funding #mnleg #affordablehousing 

  • General

    • In Minnesota, 1 in 4 families pay more than they can afford on housing, putting them one emergency away from losing their home. Legislators must act now to build thoughtful, lasting change that ensures affordable housing is accessible to all this #mnleg session. #Homes4AllMN

    • We believe in safe and affordable shelter for EVERY Minnesotan! Please support investments in housing for the full continuum of housing. #Homes4AllMN @GovTimWalz @LtGovFlanagan


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