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Where we live impacts every aspect of our lives. Where we call home affects the groceries we buy, where we send our kids to school, and how we thrive in our community. At every stage of life, where we live is the foundation for our health, education, safety, and economic wellbeing.

But in communities across the state, there isn’t enough affordable housing. This leaves few options for Minnesotans struggling to make ends meet.

Housing instability threatens individuals, families, and students. More than 1 in 4 households in Minnesota are housing cost-burdened, an increase of more than 70% since 2000. More than half of Minnesotans experiencing homelessness are children and youth, with nearly 9,500 public school students identified as homeless or highly mobile during the 2015-16 school year.

Minnesota will thrive when everyone has a place to call home. Our legislative proposal strengthens Minnesota’s Housing Continuum, in every corner of the state.

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2018 Homes for All Legislative Request

$150 million to provide Minnesotans with safe, stable and affordable housing

$140 million to build and preserve affordable housing including

  • $110 million in Housing Infrastructure Bonds (HIB) to create supportive rental housing, preserve housing with existing federal investments, and promote homeownership through community land trusts. 
    • including senior and manufactured housing as eligible uses
  • $30 million in General Obligation (GO) Bonds to make improvements to the state's public housing.

An additional $10 million in the state budget to prevent and end homelessness and promote affordable housing including

  • $2 million in matching funds for communities that create and resource a Local Housing Trust Fund
  • $2 million for Homework Starts at Home to support students of homeless and highly mobile families
  • $6 million in investments to prevent homelessness through rental assistance, including: 
    • $2 million for Bridges
    • $2 million for Housing with Supportive Services
    • $2 million for Group Residential Housing
  • $180,000 to reinstate the renters credit to manufactured homeowners in resident-owned communities
  • Investment in the Workforce Homeownership Program, which seeks to double workforce homeownership opportunities in Minnesota

Homes for All will also advocate for policies that would allow the state to more efficiently and effectively allocate federal resources, allowing Minnesota communities to better respond to pressing local needs.

2018 Homes for All Support Agenda

Homes for All also supports proposals to

*Advocacy materials to come soon!*

Photo from the 2017 Homes for All Rally at the Minnesota State Capitol

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